Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email Marketing? We've got you covered. If you are just starting out and unsure what to do, we can set these up for you and give you advice about what types of posts work. We can even do the posting for you! We can create a social media plan for you and post it at times when there is a better chance of it

With social media being one of the main place for marketing some companies are ignoring the best marketing tool - Email Marketing!

Our different offers include:

Setting up your Social Channels

Not on Social channels? We can help you set up your accounts? Having a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a great way to promote your business. Its easy to keep existing and potenital customers up to date with your company.

Social Media Plans

Are you on Social channels but dont think you are making the most of it? Not sure what or when you should post? We can help you create a weekly/monthly plan.

Advertising on Social Media or Google

Are you needing the next level of promotion for your business? We can create your ads

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the number 1 for digital marketing. We can help you create a mailing list through MailChimp to help get your message out. Once the database is creates we can start promoting it to get people to sign up to recieve emails from you. Once you've got your list we can help you create email templates to get your message out there.

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Each Digital Marketing option starts from £399.

  • Social media plans
  • Social media and Google ads
  • Email Marketing

Setting up social channels or Mailchimp accounts start from £99

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